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Our History

The Club was founded in 1935 by a group of British officers and consular members. The first president was the then-Consul General Francis Evans, later Sir Francis Evans. Many of the original members were actors in the movie industry, and included C. Aubrey Smith, Gene Lockhart and Alan Mowbray, to name but a few. Meetings were held on the third Friday of the month at the Masquers Club in Hollywood. Strict British Officers Mess protocol was (and still is) observed and members were required to wear mess dress uniform or black tie dinner jacket, with miniatures. Ladies were not admitted to the club as members until 1988.
While the Club originally met at the Masquers Club in Hollywood, the deterioration of the neighborhood and subsequently the sale and destruction of the Masquers Club in 1985, forced the BUSC to move to the Verdugo Club in Glendale. The Glendale facilities were closed in 1994, and the Club moved to its current venue at the Altadena Town and Country Club in Altadena, just north of Pasadena.

During its over 75 years in existence, the Club has had many distinguished gentlemen as members, including several Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, VC, DFC, MM, and OBE and MBE holders. (Hearing the stories in the ante-room after dinner is one of the highlights of the evening.)

More On Our History

For details of the BUSC founders mentioned above and others, click on these links: 

From Ken Smith , 5 February 2009




I have just found a historical file which I think may get your interest.  It is a page from the BUSC Armistice Day Ball held at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A.

in November 1937.


Alan Mowbray Esq. MM. was the Chairman of the Ball Committee.  Music was by Ray Noble and his orchestra, followed at 11 p.m. by,




Kenny Baker, Fannie Brice, Bing Crosby, Alice Faye, Reginald Gardiner, Beatrice Lillie,

Tony Martin, Sir C.Aubrey Smith, and Gladys Swarthout.


In addition this show was broadcast internationally by the N.B.C. network, the B.B.C. from London, and shortwave to the rest of the Empire.


What a Ball!

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Upcoming Events